What Is Micro Content?

Micro content is a term you’re going to hear about in the next few years.

Most people struggle to find content to post to multiple social media platforms so they end up just posting on a 1 or 2 platforms instead.

One way to get around this problem is to use micro content (part of your content marketing strategy). The term is exactly what is written. It is small pieces of content curated from large pieces of content you’ve produced previously.

Since there’s been quite a large shift from desktop to mobiles, marketers have had to change the way they communicate with their community.

Large, detailed articles have their place but when you want to get a message across multiple platforms, it is really difficult to produce multiple articles they get noticed in someone’s feed.

The way social media feeds work is people scroll through their feed at speed (the rhyme wasn’t intentional) and only stop when something catches there eye. Posting article after article will certainly not get anybody’s attention but a small snippet of an article or a snippet of a video you produced will grab their attention.

The great thing about this type of micro content is the fact that you’re not producing new content, you’re simply using content that you produced previously. It doesn’t even matter when it was produced as long as the content is good you should be sharing it.

If you haven’t started doing this yet for your business or brand then I suggest you start. It’s the fastest and the most efficient way of getting your content seen by more people and on more platforms at the same time.

Here are a few principles you should be following:


The content your posting needs to be targeted directly to your audience. As always there needs to be a “what’s in it for me” type theme running through your content and it’s really important that you know exactly who it is you’re talking to.

There are many ways and means of doing this but one of the easiest ways is simply to look at the analytics of your social media account.


It doesn’t matter if you are publicising a personal or a business brand, you absolutely need to be authentic. That’s why you generally find a lot of marketers using video to do this.

The process is to produce a 5 to 10-minute video that you can upload to YouTube and then use bite-sized parts of this video file to schedule and publish on social media.

To give you an example of this and action take a look at the way this is done below by two of my favourite marketers (Oh, and one from little ole me).


The information you’re publishing needs to be useful and is targeting exactly what your audience wants and needs. That’s why video works so well because you can get your point across by way of giving really great tips or growth hacks to your audience.


This probably should have been at the top of the list but the idea here is to curate small bits of content from large pieces of content. As I’ve said before, it needs to be bite-sized and stuff that your audience will find useful.

Call To Action

The icing on the cake is placing a call to action (asking your audience to do something once they’re finished watching or reading your content) at the end of your content.

What exactly do you want your prospect to do?

Do you want them to share this with their friends and colleagues, sign up for an email list or attend a webinar? Whatever it is you want your prospect to do needs to be placed at the end of your content and made a very clear.