Why Bloggers Need to Be on IGTV – A YouTube Competitor

If you haven’t heard the news yet, Instagram is now looking to compete with YouTube head-on by launching its very own video channel/app.

What is It?

IGTV example

Source: Instagram.com

Yesterday at an event in San Francisco, the company announced the latest creation – “IGTV” – an app that allows you to upload a video of up to an hour in length (where on Instagram the time-limit is 1 minute).

So, if you have an Apple or Android phone, you should be able to download the app today and, once downloaded, you can access it from a button inside the Instagram home screen, as well as the IGTV app itself.

How does it work?

No matter who you are, IGTV will allow you as a creator to upload vertical videos (that’s right, vertical) to its app, just like you do on Instagram. I believe there will be an upper limit for new or smaller accounts initially, which will probably be increased once there are more people signing up for the app.

Unlike a lot of new apps, it will be available globally on IOS and Android as well as through a button on Instagram via Stories.

As a user, you will able to swipe through a whole host of different videos (which can be either short or long form) or simply swipe up to browse personally recommended videos or popular videos. As a user, you will also get call-outs from the IGTV button which will notify you of new content on the platform.

No Ads on IGTV…Yet

As with anything new, you won’t find any ads on the IGTV just yet, but you can imagine it won’t take long for the Facebook ad machine to crank its gears over the next few months and start showing ads. Like Instagram, they will wait until they get a certain amount of people using it daily before they start rolling out the ads.

The Millennial Population

The Millennial Population

I was one of the people that scoffed at the term “Millennial” and thought it was a bit of joke. I can tell you for a fact that I’m not scoffing now. Millenials now make up the largest group of potential purchasers on the planet and much of what they are interested in will become super-important in the weeks and months to come.

Their current trends will drive future trends since what they are interested in now is pretty much what everyone will be interested in later on down the line – this makes them the most powerful demographic the world has ever seen.

If you haven’t started producing video yet as part of your content marketing strategy, you definitely need to get on it – even if it’s small 1-minute clips, it’s a start.

I have been a fan of long-form content (large, in-depth blog posts) for the longest time and it still has its place but I can see from my Google Analytics that the length of time people spend on a page and my websites, in general, is dropping.

That’s because the next generation is consuming the content differently. They prefer small snippets of great information over long-form content.

That’s one of the reasons why I’m encouraging you to increase your video production skills today… It’s the future.


Opportunities with IGTV

If you’re a small business or blogger,  you really need to be using multiple platforms to publicise both yourself and your business at scale. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and so, it makes sense to produce and upload your content there.

With the massive success of Instagram, I truly believe you need to be uploading your video content there too! It’s not clear the type of content that will work on there yet as it only came out yesterday, however, I believe in the “ready, fire, aim” approach in just trying it out, uploading content and then adjusting your strategy along the way.

Like YouTube, IGTV provides a way to connect and tell your story through video and whilst it is new, I encourage you to use it as much as you can to tell your story.

Don’t use it as a way to try to sell – use it to educate and entertain your audience and try to build a rapport with them. If they like what you do and what you have to say, they will find your products and services in time. Until then, just be their trusted advisor and upload entertaining and educational content.

How am I going to use it?

In my previous blog posts – Changes I’m Making To My Social Media Strategy and Is It Time To Change Your Marketing Strategy For Social Media? I talked about increasing the amount of video content I’ll be producing.

With the introduction of Instagram’s new IGTV, I’ve never been more serious about increasing the number of videos I’m going to be producing.

How am I going to use IGTV

Source. Instagram.com

Video is the future and is set to shake up traditional media channels like radio and TV. The proof is in the statistics and they don’t lie.

I have a spare room in my house (which is sort of my man cave) where I produce a lot of my content (basically me and my computer). From now on, I’ll be taking my video production a lot more seriously and will change things up over the coming days and weeks to make it into a type of production room instead of just my office.

Absolutely everything I’ll be doing here on out will be mobile- and video-first optimised. That means concentrating on making everything I do look good on mobile as well as accompanying video content into my long form blog posts (like this one).

I certainly encourage you to do the same if you haven’t done so already.

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