Promote Your Own Content on Twitter – Small Business Marketing Tips Friday 3

Promoting your own content on Twitter is vital.

There’s just so much noise on this platform that getting your content seen is becoming harder and harder every week.

Retweeting other people’s content is a great strategy for future engagement.

Other than being a good citizen, retweeting someone else’s content doesn’t do you any favours.

Here’s an option that I advise my clients to do.

The idea is to produce lots of your own content and have people share this.

The best chance for this to happen is by not retweeting anyone else’s content except your own.

I specifically do this at the weekend. That way, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get one of your blog posts, images, quotes etc liked and retweeted rather than someone else’s.

Some would argue that we should be giving social media a rest and spending more time with their family instead. I agree.

This strategy helps you do that with the help of automation.

We use a combination of Hootsuite and Buffer to schedule our tweets. I believe both have a free trial period if you would like to give them a try.

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