10 Ways to Promote Your Band on Twitter

No matter how small or large your band, one of the best ways to promote it for free is by using social media.

There are quite a few different social media platforms you can choose from but Twitter seems to be the choice for a lot of fans and a lot of bands to interact through.

If you haven’t done this already, make sure you set up a Twitter account in your band name and also set up a Twitter account for each member of your band.

At the last count, Twitter had traffic numbers of 330 million active users. Now, I’m not asking you for one minute to believe that all of those users will be interested in your music, however, even if there’s a small, minute percentage of those people interested in your genre of music, then this is the place you need to be to promote your band.

Oh, and it’s free!

10 Ways to Promote Your Band on Twitter

So, here are the ten ways to promote your band on Twitter:

The Basics

Make sure you fill in your profile completely

The first thing we need to do is carry out some basic Twitter housekeeping.

Make sure your Twitter bio, description, profile image and header image are all present on your Twitter account.

If you fail to do just one of these things, you’re making it extremely hard for your fans to have trust in you when you can’t even be bothered to do this side of social media properly.

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Be the go-to account for information about your genre of music

Whatever type of music and genre your band belongs to, try to be the go-to Twitter account for this type of information.

You can do this in a couple of ways:

Search online and curate as much information about your music genre as possible and then schedule these articles, images and videos to go out using scheduling tools like Buffer or Hootsuite.

This is the fastest and easiest way to become a maven within your genre community and the good thing about this strategy is, it doesn’t take a lot of time to do.

The hardest (but with more reward) is to produce this content yourself. This means curating content online and then writing small blog posts about it in the form of news – the same way in which you scheduled articles images and videos… You pretty much do that with the same here.

The main difference is the content will be yours and the links will be taking people back to your website (most probably to a news category).

Tweet about your upcoming performance and tour dates

Make sure you schedule your upcoming dates for tours, band appearances or any social venues you’ll be hanging out at. This way, it keeps your fans up-to-date with your movements and it’s a great way to promote your band.

Find out when your followers and your fans are online

Make sure your tweets go out at a time when your fans and followers are more likely to be online.

You can use a piece of software like Followerwonk (which is free to use depending on the size of your following) to find this information out quite easily.

Follow those who follow you

No matter what size your band, make sure that if somebody starts following you, you follow them back. This sounds basic and straightforward but I can’t tell you how many bands don’t do this and end up losing fans as a result.

Engage with your followers

If somebody comments on one of your tweets, make sure you reply with your own comment and ask a question about them.

It will build rapport on Twitter and will make it a lot easier for the strategy we’re going to talk about in the section below.

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Use venue hashtags where possible

Some of the venues that you play at might be using a specific hashtag to promote that venue – make sure all band members are tweeting on the day and in the night using that hashtag.

Make sure all members have downloaded the Twitter app

If you haven’t done so already, make sure the Twitter app is installed on all band members’ phones so they have the ability to tweet at will.
This is the power of using social media and, more specifically, Twitter.

By tweeting things in real time, it gives your band a lot more exposure and will certainly increase your following (eyeballs that can see your tweets).

Start collecting leads

Produce a lead generation page

This is a little advanced and you may need a little help with this by using a digital marketing company (don’t worry, this type of Twitter lead generation is pretty easy for a digital marketing company).

A lead generation page is a page designed to capture the names and email addresses of your fans so you can keep in touch with them, educate them on music and promote your band.
This particular strategy is what the big boys use and there’s no reason you can’t do the same since the technology used is relatively cheap.

Take a look at one of my lead generation pages here.

Use an email autoresponder to capture email addresses

An email autoresponder is a piece of online software that allows you to schedule emails in advance and have them go out over a period of time ( similar to the emails you receive from Amazon and eBay). Most of the emails you receive from those companies are pre-written and scheduled to go out at specific times using email autoresponder software like Aweber and Convertkit.

Give away a free song(s)

When I say give away a free song, what I mean is, link to a SoundCloud page or an unlisted YouTube video that provides a song that isn’t readily available to anyone else, unless they sign up on your email list.

This is a great way to build your email list using what we call a “free content”.

You’re basically giving away access to hearing a song(s) that no one else has access to unless they are on your email list and you’re exchanging this for your fans’ name and email.

Pin your lead generation tweet to your profile


One of the things you can do to encourage people to follow you regularly on Twitter is tweet behind-the-scenes audio and video of your band.

These videos need to be real, authentic and unedited – in essence, this will make your fans feel like they’re getting to know the real band members since you’re giving them full access to what really goes on behind the scenes.

It’s also a great way to build rapport, story-tell and increase engagement with your fans. Depending on what type of video it is, you will likely get a lot of comments on your tweet.

This is the perfect time to really start engaging with your fans, asking them questions and answering theirs.

Even if you are a small local band, there’s no reason why you can’t market yourself like the large bands out there.

There you have it…  some of the tips I’ve gone through in this article are pretty easy to implement whilst others are a little more advanced.

My advice would be to get in touch with a digital marketing company for the more advanced points of this article; feel free to reach out to me on Twitter if you like and I can walk you through exactly what you need to do to start collecting names and email addresses of your fans.

Promoting your band isn’t the easiest thing to do and normally costs you a lot of money. However, in this day and age, it’s a lot easier to promote your band using social media and like I said before: the great thing about it is, it’s completely and totally free when used properly and strategically.

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Email autoresponders – Aweber and Convertkit

Lead Generation software used to collect emails was Thrive Themes.

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