Sell The Problem You Solve, Not The Product You Sell

Sell The Problem You Solve, Not The Product You SellA few years ago when I first got into marketing I used run around like an idiot looking for shortcuts in the marketing process when all I needed to do focus on problem solving.

You see, marketing is relatively simple if you follow the right steps.

There’s no need to do a million things all at once. It’s not that smart and I’m guessing that you don’t really have the time.

Don’t do what I did and waste a lot of time, resources and worse of all money. You’re far better off focusing on problem solving which keeps things simple and allows your operation to function efficiently.

Sell the benefits, not the product. 

Think about it.

When people are online, they’re either looking to be entertained or searching to the answer to their question/problem. Concentrate on answering their problems if you can rather than trying to sell, sell, sell. Don’t do what I did and waste time.

sell the benefits not the productBeing a successful marketer means providing your clients with the means to sort out their problem with the product you sell.

Now when I say product this could be either a physical product or service. Highlight the benefits of your product in the simplest way possible (overkill not needed).

If you can’t point out the benefits in a basic format then you’re client is likely to bounce off your website and find another one that can..

This is where inbound marketing is so powerful. Attract the client’s attention first, find their problem, offer the benefit and then explain how your product will solve it.

Don’t Focus On Features

It’s absolutely OK to have several features. However, ensure each one has a clear benefit tou your client.

A rookie mistake I made was listing the key benefits of what your product offers. Kind of like an Amazon review.

This is fine if you’re Amazon. The brand is so popular that the trust factor is already there. You unfortunately I gonna have do things a different way.

Try to focus on the key benefits your product offers and how the client would be better off. This will paint a nice mental picture of a problem solved in their head.

Case Studies, Not Testimonials

produce case studies not testimonialsWhere possible, try to present a case study where someone who has used your product has had their problem solved.

This is how a lot of weight loss ads market to their clients. Not only do they show them a before and after picture/video.

They also showcase several cases of ordinary people using the product to solve a problem (weight) and presenting the finished article at the end (weight loss).

Change the terms to fit your own product and you should start to see exactly where I’m coming from.

Your clients are a pretty sophisticated group. Having lines and lines of testimonials is a bit old school. The new black is case studies. They want to see ACTUAL evidence and proof that the product your offering does what it says on the tin.

You can do this by asking past and present clients to share how much the product benefited them via video (if they’re up for it). Don’t get me wrong, text is OK. Video is the cream on top.

This doesn’t mean getting in a professional camera crew (although you can if you have the means). Most smartphones record in HD format and there’s no need to purchase expensive kit to get this done.

Educate The Consumer

If you’ve read any of my other posts or seen my videos you’ll know that I advocate education before before product promotion.

Ensure you or your team are blogging regularly on and around the products you see. Actually educate them and solve their problems.

Writing several of these posts with the right keywords will gain a nice bit of organic traffic to your website. This is traffic you’re not paying for and is highly engaged. Engaged clients are easier to get into your marketing funnel and easier to convert.

If you don’t have the time to do this, simply outsource this task to someone else. Posting and sharing amazing content will make the sales process a lot easier. Educate – problem solve – sell.


Don’t worry if you’ve made similar mistakes that I did. Making the mistakes is one thing. Not learning from them is painful. It’s never too late to reverse your strategy. Start educating, solve the problem and then show them how with the product you’re selling.

Hope that helps!

Feel free to let me know if you have tried this and what results you managed to get.

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