Social Jukebox Provides Alternative to Buffer, Hootsuite & Edgar – A Review

Name: Social Jukebox
Price: They offer a free trial
Founder: Tim Fargo
Overall Rank: 97 out of 100
Who is it for: Anyone looking to dominate their niche

What is Social Jukebox?

Social Jukebox is a social media management tool that allows you to schedule posts in the future. It makes automating your social media so much easier and less time consuming than other sharing platforms.

The idea is that you load up several posts ahead of schedule and then let Social Jukebox jumble them up and decide which one of them to post next.

At present, the tool allows you to easily schedule posts to social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Social Jukebox Provides Alternative to Buffer, Hootsuite & Edgar - A Review

How does it work?

The owner of the jukebox (Tim Fargo) became so frustrated using other scheduling software for Twitter that he decided to produce his own – it was really hard to use other platforms as a form of promotional tool and he found that it took him a lot of time and effort to manage this.

This is how Social Jukebox was born; you no longer had to enter each individual tweet every month like you do on other social media platforms – all you had to do was simply load up posts in advance and then just press the button, the Jukebox would then decide which ones it chose to be posted with control of the frequency, days of the week and whether it would continue forever or stop at a certain time.

Depending on your pricing plan, you can load up several Jukeboxes with multiple types of content, giving you the choice of sending just a few tweets out or several hundred.

The content is stored on their servers so once you upload it once, you never really need to upload it again – just switch on or switch off the Jukeboxes as and when.

You also have the ability to send out thank you tweets to up to 50 people (whoever engaged and interacted with you during the week).

What is a Jukebox?

The Jukebox uses the analogy of a real jukebox that plays music randomly – you put your money in and it randomly selects different types of music from its collection.
In essence, you’re doing exactly the same thing, storing up lots of content into the machine and it then spits out content on the other side randomly.

Each individual Jukebox gives you the ability to store thousands of different posts and then schedule them at different times.

The great thing is, if you manage several different social media accounts for different people or for different businesses, you actually have the ability to separate them and switch between them from the same online dashboard without the need to log out.

Social Jukebox Free Trial & Plans

Similar to other social media scheduling platforms, Social Jukebox offers a 14-day free trial giving you the ability to try it out and see if it’s a good match for you and your business.

The free trial allows you access to Jukeboxes, 5 targeted posts (I’ll tell you what those are in a second), the ability to store 300 posts and produce 50 branded thank you tweets.

Even though this isn’t the full suite of features, this is certainly enough today to get your feet wet and try this software out.

I would show a graphic or of their pricing page, but since I don’t know when you’re reading this it might be best for me to supply the link to the pricing page instead.

How to get a free trial

  1. Go to Social Jukebox and signup for a free trial:

Select the advanced option then click on the "Free 14-day trial button - Social Jukebox

2. Find quotes to insert into Social Jukebox – I personally like to use BrainyQuote for text quotes and  Google images for image quotes.

3. Never save an image by right clicking and saving to your computer because it has hidden code.

Always screen-grab an image to ensure you are not saving unwanted code – I use SnagIt via Techsmith.

Note: There is also free software to screen-grab images, but they don’t have the added functionality of being able to edit your images like Snagit does.

I use Snagit Screen Capture Software to screen-grab ALL my images. You can also use it to produce the example images you see on this page (with the arrows, circles, descriptions, etc).

3. Set up a new folder on your desktop to hold these quotes and separate the authors of those quotes by name:

Produce a new folder for the authors of your quotes- Social Jukebox

4. Whenever you add a quote to Social Jukebox, make sure you transfer them into a “used” folder. This will ensure you don’t duplicate your quotes.

Set up a "used" folder so you don't duplicate your posts- Social Jukebox

5. Save all text quotes into a Notepad or TextEdit file:

Save all your text quotes in a notepad or Textedit file- Social Jukebox

5. Upload to Social Jukebox individually. Don’t worry about bulk uploading for now since you’re just taking it for a test drive.

Start a new jukebox by clicking the "add new jukebox" button- Social Jukebox

6. Fill in the details of your new jukebox:

Fill in the details of your new jukebox- Social Jukebox

7. Start adding content!

Click to add a new post- Social Jukebox

8. Add your post contents (either add text or text & image).

Note: Never post an image on its own – always add text if you want to use an image.

Enter your post details- Social Jukebox

9. To upload an image, click on the upload button in Social Jukebox, then navigate to where you have saved your images. Once you have found an image, click on open to upload it to the Social Jukebox servers:

Select an image to use- Social Jukebox

10.  You also have the ability of adding emojis and hashtags for your posts:

You can add hashtags and emojis- Social Jukebox

11. That’s it… Just keep adding posts until you are ready to set a schedule.

Choosing a schedule for your new jukebox

  1. Click on schedule to decide when your posts will be shown:

Start scheduling your posts- Social Jukebox

2. Schedule your posts by individual days of the week or simply by giving them all the same setting.

If you choose to schedule each day individually, you also have the option to switch days on or off (for example over holidays or at weekends):

You can edit the times, day or switch each day on or off by using the toggle switch- Social Jukebox

You can also edit the times you want the posts to be shown in hours and minutes.

For example; if you keep the default as “1”, then you will need to ensure that you have a least 24 posts uploaded as Social Jukebox will post one every hour.

If you’re taking this software for a test drive, I would encourage you to be realistic with your time-settings and maybe set the times for every 6 hours… That would mean you only need around 4-5 posts going out per day.

3. Once you have selected the days and times schedule, click on save. The Jukebox will now choose which one of your posts will be posted in a random fashion (like a jukebox) dependant on your schedule settings.

The jukebox will only show posts according to these settings – it will never post outside the schedule that you set.

Choose the Frequency of Each Post

Stick with me here, because at first glance this may be a little confusing…

Not only do you have the ability to schedule the time and day your posts go out – You also have the ability to set the frequency of your posts too!

What do I mean?

If you have several Jukeboxes, you may want some going out once per month whilst others going out every three months.

Here’s how to do that…

  1. Click on the options tab

Start editing your options- Social Jukebox

2. Choose the length of time before these posts are shown again. For example, once per month would be 30 days, every other month would by 60 days. Once you are happy with the duration, click on “save”.

Edit the duration of each post- Social Jukebox

At the moment your Jukebox has been set up, but it hasn’t been activated to start yet.

3. If you are happy with your settings (can always be changed at a later date), then switch your new jukebox on.

Switch your new jukebox on or off- Social Jukebox

That’s it, your first Jukebox has been set up.

If you want to set up any more Jukeboxes, just copy the same instructions as I have outlined here.

What is a targeted post?

The targeted post feature allows you to schedule the same post to go out exactly when you want it to go out instead of being randomly selected from the archives.

This feature is very similar to what Buffer, Hootsuite and Edgar provide. The only differences Social Jukebox doesn’t allow you very many of these because it goes away from the spirit of the whole jukebox analogy.

This is great if you’re running promotions and want them to be shown at certain times on your account – you can set these to go out on a daily, weekly or even an annual basis.

Note: due to the recent terms and condition changes on Twitter, you can no longer send out the same tweet from multiple different accounts.

So, now you have to ensure that if you are running similar promotions on different accounts, you change the image or the description to comply with their recent rule changes.

Thank You Tweets

I personally don’t use this feature because I prefer to manage this side of my social media management myself and do it manually. However, if you don’t have the time to do this then automating this feature is a massive time-saver for you.

This means that you don’t have to make a note of who mentioned you during the week and then individually thank every one of them – the system automatically does this for you.

Social Jukebox as an Alternative

How it compares with its competitors

Buffer, HootSuite, Social Jukebox and Edgar are all great social media scheduling platforms. They all do a really good job helping you to schedule posts so they can be seen by as many people as possible. Where Social Jukebox is similar to Edgar is in the fact that your posts don’t disappear over time – they are held in a large database on Social Jukebox servers so that they can be reused at a future date.

However, at the present time, it only supports Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. So, if you’re looking to schedule to the likes of Instagram then, unfortunately, you won’t be able to do this with this piece of software.

If you need to post several different promotional tweets to go out at specific times, I would say that Social Jukebox is definitely not for you because it doesn’t give you as many options as the other software I mentioned but, if you’re looking to schedule multiple tweets to go out in the future and you’re not really bothered about scheduling as many promotional tweets then I believe there’s no bad platform.

Pros and Cons


  • You have the ability to schedule thousands of posts to go out in a short space of time.
  • No need to think about which post goes out when – the software does this for you.
  • You have the ability to see when each Jukebox is scheduling a post to go out so that they don’t clash.
  • You have the ability to schedule each Jukebox for individual days and to go out at different time periods in a week.
  • You can automatically add hashtags to a whole Jukebox (meaning you don’t have to manually input it).
  • Analytics show you who mentions you the most, giving you the ability to pinpoint exactly who you need to be giving preference to with regards to thanking and re-sharing.
  • You have the same ability to add images as well as emojis to your posts.
  • Posts accurately go out at the right time and very rarely run into problems.


  • You have limited targeted posts so you can only run a few promotions in comparison to the other platforms.
  • Depending on the plan and your use for the software, this could be a bit more expensive than the alternatives
  • Depending on how many Jukeboxes you have, it’s a lot easier for different posts to clash and go out at the same time


Social Jukebox is my main software tool for scheduling my posts and I highly recommend it. Even if you are unsure if it’s the right fit for you, go ahead and use the free 14-day trial option to take it for a test drive.

There’s absolutely no risk to you and gives you the ability to have a play with options, schedule some posts and see if your engagement increases.

I personally use the software because it saves me a bunch of time. Don’t get me wrong, it can take a while to upload your posts initially, however, the time you lose at the beginning more than makes up for it over the coming months after you’ve set it up.

If you have any further questions on how I use it or want advice on set-up, please feel free to get in touch. Twitter would probably be the best place to catch me.

Good luck!

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