How to Choose a Good Twitter Username For Your Business

Twitter is one of the largest online social networks in the world. For your business not to be posting content on there is a crime! There, I said it. Now that’s out of the way, let’s get on with the business of getting you set up.

Your Name is Also Your Handle

Your Twitter username is often referred to as your handle. This is the name you will give your new business account. If your business name is already taken, then try an abbreviation or even underscores if your business name is more than 1 word. For example, if your name is ACME Cooking supplies, you would use “ACMEcooking”. There’s no point in adding the word supplies. Tip: The shorter your username is the better.

The benefit of keeping it short is your name will be easier to remember or if you’re at a conference or seminar, it won’t take long for someone to write it down as they frantically scribble notes on your presentation – see what I mean?


If you’ve never used Twitter before, your username will also appear with the “@” symbol in front of your name. If you are mentioning another account or they mention you, the “@” symbol must always be used. If you are considering using additional characters as well as text, you may use the underscore, upper and lower characters and numbers.

Don’t Use Numbers

What the first thing that comes to mind when you see numbers after an email address or social media nickname? Spam, by any chance? Yeah, me too!

Don’t do it….

People are already scared to death of trojans, malware and the dreaded spam. Don’t encourage their distrust by using numbers in your username. I’ve seen this a million times on Twitter and businesses that use them wonder why they aren’t getting any likes, retweets or engagement from the community.

Here Are a Few Pointers For You

Where possible, ensure your username is somewhat similar to your business name. Don’t get too creative here and make up silly names that have absolutely no relevance to your business. No silly, cute, or funny names, either. Keep it straight and to the point. Tip: Try to have the same username spread over all of the social networks you use. This makes it easier for people to find you without having to think too hard!

If one of your staff is the main person that handles your business account, then make sure their Twitter handle is in the main bio of your account. This can be done from the settings page.

Search Engine Optimisation

One of the reasons you want your username to be as close to your company or business name as possible is so that your potential and existing clients will be searching for your business online. With such a powerful brand like Twitter dominating search results, your business name should show up on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo when they do a search. That’s the main reason I ask you not to get too creative – it is just too important to get wrong!

Some businesses have called their account by their main keyword they are targeting – this is a big mistake, HUGE. If for any reason your business needed to change direction and wanted to start promoting different products or services, you would need to change the name of all your social media accounts. Not the easiest of things to do and your client will resent you for it. Clients like routine and structure – if they don’t get this, they generally take their business somewhere else.


There you have it: The importance of choosing the right Twitter username shouldn’t be taken lightly. Make sure it is in line with your company or business brand. Try and keep it as short as possible without any numbers. Higher and lower case letters are absolutely fine, in fact, I’ve done this with my business username “@XenmediaM“.

Are there any other points you think I may have missed? I would really love to hear your thoughts. Go ahead and leave a comment below.

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