Best Free Video Editors For Small Businesses – Small Business Marketing Tips Friday 13

If you haven’t got the hand of blogging yet then video may be a giant leap to market your products and services.

However, if you’re used to writing blogs for your business, then producing video has simply got to be your next step.

Now, don’t think you have to be technically gifted (I’m not) to produce some stunning video for your business. The 4 free video editing tools I’ve listed are all fairly easy to use and come with plenty of tutorials and instructions to get you started.


Shotcut is first on the list because I believe it has one of the clearest and well-designed user interfaces compared to the others.

You can get it on Windows, Mac and Linux, and is totally free with no ads, so it’s great for startups or for those on a budget.

If you’re not doing anything too complicated and simply want to insert video footage and edit. Then this ideal.

It also has a selection of effects and filters to really add some dimension to your video projects.

It can also handle streaming in HTTP, HLS, RTMP, RTSP, MMS and UDP formats.

Hitfilm Express

Even though this is free software, don’t let that fool you. The user interface looks professional and it provides some great online tutorials for you to get stuck into to produce really amazing video projects.

Available for both windows and mac. Hitfilm Express has full editing suite that like Shotcut, allows you to add filters and effects to your videos. On top of this, you also have a selection of both 2D and 3D composition tools.


If it wasn’t for Lumen5, then Lightworks would have been up there for the best free video editor for small businesses.

Again, this is totally free but delivers professional quality video production. Like the others, this comes bundled with effects and filters to help you improve your video clips and make them really stand out in the crowd.

With real-time effects and colour correction, there really is no excuse to put out some standard work.

What I like best is the ability to encode and render whilst still being able to carry on working.


Last but not least, Lumen5. There isn’t as much written about this software as the others. Not because it’s not as good (I think it’s fantastic). It’s the fact that the developers haven’t really publicised this great bit of software that much.

However, what makes this piece of software that much different from the others is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to find the right image or video depending on what text you insert into the software.

This would be my choice for ease and efficiency of producing quick video presentations for your business. But, if you want for full professional grade editing software, go for Lightworks!

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