The Small Business Guide For Twitter

Over 300 million users on Twitter. Is your business using Twitter?

Businesses just like yours are engaging with new clients, collecting leads which results in more sales via Twitter. Is it working for your business?

Follow this step-by-step Twitter small business guide to get more out of this popular social network. If you're not marketing on Twitter, you're losing out!

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Do you know what Twitter is?

No - Do you know what Twitter is?

Do you know what Twitter is good for?

No - 8 Ways Marketers Should Be Using Twitter

Do you know how to pick a good Twitter handle?

Have you set up an account?

No - How to set up your account

Have you customised your Twitter profile?

No - How to customise your Twitter profile

Have you set your objectives?

No – 

Do you have a social media policy?

No - 

Have you decided who will run your Twitter account?

No - 

Do you know what to tweet?

Do you know how to schedule tweets?

No - Schedule Tweets using Hootsuite

Do you know the difference between a DM & an @ reply?

No - 

Do you know how to structure your tweets?

No –

Do you know who to follow?

No - 

Do you know how to attract followers?

No - Pin a Tweet at the top of your profile

No - Upload videos for more engagement

Do you know how to track who's talking about you?

No –

Do you know what your competitors are up to?

No - Keep an eye on your competitors without following

Do you know how to track traffic from Twitter?

No - How I Grew My Twitter Account To Over 2000 Engaged Users in 30 Days

Do you know how to measure the impact of Twitter?

Have you considered Twitter advertising?

No - Start advertising

Do you know what NOT to do on Twitter?

No - Not having a pinned tweet

Not Posting Consistently

Have you perfected your Twitter campaigns?