55 Twitter Tips I Learned In My First Year

Phew! it’s been quite a ride this my first year on Twitter.

I thought it might be useful and kind of therapeutic to look back at my first year on Twitter and hopefully help those who are also just starting out on this great platform.

Just to give you some context, at the beginning of the year 2017, I absolutely hated social media and wanted nothing to do with it.

I was quite happy chugging away using paid media to get more leads and more sales for my businesses and also for my clients.

I had absolutely no interest in social media, nor did I see any reason to have an interest, until one of my largest clients suggested working with another agency who could promote their business on Twitter.

As you can imagine this was kind of like the wake-up call I needed to get my butt in gear and get my Twitter swerve on (that sounded better in my head).

The following list isn’t designed to be pretty and I won’t win any awards. It is literally my thoughts of my first year on Twitter.

So here you go, this is my collection of thoughts on things that I did right, things I got dramatically wrong on my Twitter journey.


1. Twitter is seriously hard work, if anyone would have told me at the outset that I would need to spend so much time finding content, curating it and then finding some software to schedule it, I probably wouldn’t have believed them.

So be prepared for some hard work. it’s not as easy as it looks.

I didn't realise it was so much hard work.

I didn’t realise it was so much hard work.


2. Following on from that, when you first start using Twitter you actually start producing content and posting content that you like. However, I found out pretty quickly that you need to be creating content and posting content for your followers and not for yourself. They’re the ones that matter, not you!

3. If you’re using Twitter for business, getting your bio right is super important this isn’t just a place to tell people what you do. It’s supposed to grab hold of their interests, tell them the reason why they should follow you and my favourite, – “what’s in it for you” type paragraph.

4. It’s also a place to put your favourite hashtag (preferably one of your own) and also a link back to your main website.

5. When I first started using Twitter I didn’t have the main header image and found that very few people following me which is no surprise really.

It wasn’t until one of my followers pointed out that I needed to place a header at the top of my profile instead of just a big sea of blue.

Getting your header picture, profile picture and bio right are the main ingredients to have a great social media profile!

6. “My God! These are real people we’re talking about”. For some reason, when you first start using Twitter you have the distinct feeling that you’re talking to her a bot instead of an actual human being which can often be a little unsettling. Trust me, I’m not the only one.

computer bot

There are people on Twitter that are still treating it as a place to pump out information instead of engaging and interacting with other people. To be honest it still blows my mind that they still do this.

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7. I had no idea there were so many fake accounts on Twitter. Now, I don’t know the exact number but it’s pretty damn high! I’d even go so far as to say that for every real person following me on Twitter I’ll get another three or four fake accounts following me and that’s me being conservative.

8. I didn’t realise how important it was to time your tweets to go out at a specific point in time (re-schedule them). In the first few months, I was just posting tweets in such a haphazard way.

I get a shiver down my back when I sit down and think about it now. Of course, there are quite a few tools out there that show you when your followers are online or popular times when your content has been liked, retweeted or commented on.

I can’t remember the exact stat of the number of tweets posted in a second, but I can tell you it’s a lot!

9. The number of tweets flowing down my Twitter stream can be pretty intimidating, especially when you want to get your voice heard. It wasn’t until a few months down the road that I realised that was a waste of time looking at this feed and it’s probably best to focus on the notifications tab at the top.

10. Sounds a bit selfish I know, but this notifications tab literally just shows me all of the engagement on my tweets instead of a long stream of tweets from the people I follow.

I can’t tell you how nice it feels to shut out all of that noise and simply focus on my own tweets. If I’m honest, I can probably go a whole week without looking at the main Twitter feed (and that’s normally because I pressed the wrong button on my desktop).


54 Twitter Tips I Learned In My First Year


11. If you’re using Twitter for business, try not to post too much of other people’s content. Yeah I know, that sounds really mean but it’s true. Of course, this means you’ve got to post more of your content which means writing more, but hey, don’t forget the first paragraph of this article. I told you Twitter was going to be hard.

12. The main images you use for your articles need to be really good and by really good I mean sharable.

There’s no point putting a mickey mouse picture on your article and then wonder why it is not getting shared, second only to the title your image is really important.


The images you use have to be unique. otherwise, people won't share.

The images you use have to be unique. otherwise, people won’t share.


13. I didn’t realise there was such a difference between tweeting articles, images, gifs, and text-only tweets. What works at 10 o’clock this morning will hardly get any shares at the same time tomorrow morning.

This was a massive eye-opener!

That’s when I started using software like Buffer. Being able to get exact stats of when your content was shared, what time of the day and which variation helps you a lot. By variation, I mean image or text.

14. People absolutely love motivational and inspirational tweets. Who knew? I didn’t find this out until six months into my journey.

The impact it has on lives and the boost it gives people shouldn’t be underestimated.


Where possible, include a few motivational and inspirational tweets.

Where possible, include a few motivational and inspirational tweets.


15. I started using Crowdfire and Managerflitter and got on really well with these to manage my Twitter account.

For some reason though, I got a bit tired and fed up with using them. Not because they aren’t great platforms, it’s just after while they felt a bit restrictive.

I’ll probably expand on this in a future post.

16. Use as many software platforms as you can to try and find out which one is the best fit for you. That’s what I did and I now use a variation of tools from Social Jukebox, HootSuite and of course Buffer.

That’s what works for me, but they may not work for you. That’s why it’s good to test.

17. Try and have two Twitter accounts if you’re using it for business (I did this 2 months into using Twitter).

Have an account for yourself which will be for personal branding and then the second one for your main business.

These two accounts are very different and should be treated so.

There’s no problem getting political on your own personal account but keep business in perspective for your business account.

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18. Twitter can shut down your account anytime and with no reason. Ahem, I say no reason, (there’s always a reason).

Twitter account suspended

It’s just that I don’t know exactly what that is. Needless to say, this happened to me on more than one occasion.

If you’re not sure read the terms and conditions.

If I’m honest with myself, I know I’ve flown close to the sun a few times when it comes to keeping in line with their terms.

19. If you’re trying to grow your Twitter account quickly we can fool the algorithm. Note: This topic comes with a massive warning!!

You can mass follow accounts on Twitter (follow lots of people in one day) but you’re better off spreading this out across that whole day.

Try not to do it all at once. For example, following 500 people in one hour. This is likely to get your account flagged or worse still, suspended. Yep, this also happened to me.

20. The same thing goes for unfollowing lots of people.

Try to spread this out during the course of the day as well. It seems like the algorithm doesn’t mind you following lots of people but they hate the fact that you unfollow too many people in a short space of time.

This seems to trigger an alert at the Twitter head office.

21. Try not to upload YouTube videos. Apparently, the Twitter algorithm doesn’t like them.

They prefer it if you upload a separate video file (also called a native video). Unfortunately, this can only be a couple of minutes long, but you have the ability to link back to the original YouTube video in the description if you like.

22. Posting often and being consistent increases your following on Twitter.

The moment you miss out a few days, it seems as though your followers lose interest and I can’t be sure?  They may even unfollow you if I don’t see any action on your account.

23. If you’re growing your account aggressively (following lots of people then unfollow in lots of people) you need to find a way of keeping track of these people.

What I’m trying to say is, don’t follow and unfollow the same people or accounts in quick succession.

I was able to get around this by following several different accounts at different times. So, for example, if I followed Joe Bloggs followers today, I’d leave it a couple of weeks before I started following their followers again.

24. Engagement is key on Twitter.

If you can strike up a conversation within your tweet, it seems like it gives a boost to the algorithm and you’re more than likely to show up more in people’s feeds.

So, if somebody asked you a question within one of your tweets, answer the question and then follow up with a question of your own so the conversation can carry on.

Try and do this with as many people as possible so there’s a nice long thread of conversation going on within one of your tweets.

54 Twitter Tips I Learned In My First Year


25. When somebody thanks you for something always reply and where possible and include an emoji.

When you do this there’s more chance of them liking or retweeting your comment. I believe this is also good for the algorithm.

26. I follow everyone that likes and retweets my content.

I figure there’s more chance of them doing this again in future if I keep in touch. Believe it or not, this actually works. The vast majority of the time they will follow you back.

27. I found out that Twitter lists are the most powerful tool you can use on Twitter.

They allow you to separate different people for different things. For example, there are some people that will have a conversation with you but will never ever like or retweet your content. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? but it’s true!

I found out that Twitter lists are the most powerful tool you can use on Twitter.

So you add these people to a different list for future use. Say, when you’re feeling like having a conversation, you can always go to this list.

28. On the flip side, you can have lots of people liking your content but would never ever have a conversation with you. For obvious reasons, I placed these two people on two different lists.

29. If you’re using Twitter for business gaining leads on it it’s pretty easy. However, you do need a lead magnet and an opt in page to collect email addresses.

30. Following on….Where possible, try and pin this tweet to the top of your profile so it is always there when you people land on your profile.

Statistically, this tweet is shared the most when compared to the rest of your tweets.

You don’t need me to tell you why this is a good thing!

31. If you’re not collecting leads on Twitter then you’re pretty much just entertainment for your followers. A lot of people say that you can build a brand on Twitter and I slightly agree with this statement. I think you can build a brand on Twitter but it needs to be in conjunction with email marketing.

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32. If you are going to use Twitter for lead generation then you need to make sure that you have a funnel in place and a series of emails that are scheduled to go out after the initial sign up. If you don’t, then you’re leaving money on the table of this powerful platform.

33. Twitter is a great place to find out what content is popular.

You can look at either your own or someone else’s account see which posts are popular.

These should give you some content ideas for articles on your blog or website.

34. Have a look at what images are being shared as well. This will give an idea of what type of images would be good to use on your website or blog.

35. It’s a great place to meet new people and make friends. I have often struck up a conversation from nothing, only to be talking to this person 6 months down the line. This has happened to me on many occasions.

Twitter is a great place to meet new people

36. It’s a great place to find joint venture partners.

No matter what niche you’re in, you’ll likely find somebody that shares your passion.

37. It’s a great place to find new clients.

All you need to do is start following, engaging and interacting with their content and then further down the line get in touch and make your pitch.

The important thing here is to get to know them first.

If you go in for the kill at the beginning of the relationship then your conversions are going to be pretty poor.

Just saying……

39. For some reason, it’s much easier to strike up a conversation with a woman than it is with a man.

I don’t know why, but men don’t really seem to chat too much on Twitter which is a shame.

This means I have far more contacts and prospective joint ventures with women than I do with men.

I think somewhere like LinkedIn might be better to strike up conversations with men regarding business than Twitter.

This did surprise me.

40. If you want to be successful on Twitter you either need to be part of a community or build one around you. If you don’t, I fear you’re just wasting your time.

41. When I first started using Twitter I thought that the main idea was to get in with the influencers, but what I have found is the more great content you publish the more you attract them overtime.

It’s a waste of time trying to force it!

42. Buffer and Hootsuite are without a doubt the best tools to use for scheduling with Twitter (my personal opinion).

43. Social Jukebox is the best tool to use to schedule your motivational and inspirational tweets (though a little pricey for beginners). It mixes your saved tweets up like a jukebox and then schedules them to go out at strategic times.


54 Twitter Tips I Learned In My First Year


44. If you are looking to gain a competitive advantage then use a tool called Twitonomy. I don’t use this so much anymore, but this gives you a great insight into what your competitors are up to. it also gives you full stats of their account.

45. There’s no point in getting into arguments or trying to force through your point of view. If you using Twitter for business, this is a really a waste of your time.

46. There’s also no point getting political. You can waste hours and days arguing with people over a point. At the end of the day does this really matter, does anyone even care?

47. Text tweets (a tweet without an image) give you the most likes and retweets out of any combination. I think it’s because they look more authentic and as if you’ve written it that day.

Note: I think this is true for all of the social networks. For some reason, the algorithm seems to like text-only posts (no image, no link, lots of engagement, encourages conversation, looks great on mobile screens, you’re not sending people away from the platform).

48. Unless we’re talking “Superstars”, always unfollow people that don’t follow you back. There really is no point following someone who doesn’t follow you (unless you want to see their tweets that is).

49. It can take up to five days for someone to follow you back. When I first started using Twitter I used to give them two or three days. I now realise that people don’t use Twitter as often as I first thought.

So, I now give them at least 5 days to follow me back otherwise they get unfollowed.

I’ve been pretty aggressive with this and if I’m honest I don’t recommend doing the same. Twitter can change their terms and conditions at any time and outlaw this practice. There’s also a question of ethics.

I’ve kind of made my peace with this and have no problem with the concept. Whether you do or not I suppose is open to debate.

50. I used to get upset when someone I’ve had previous conversations with unfollowed me. These days, it is just one of those things. There’s no point getting too upset about it. Life goes on……..

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51. If someone has their account suspended Twitter automatically unfollows everyone until your account is reinstated.

For that reason, I very rarely unfollow somebody who has been suspended.

You’ll know when someone has been suspended because they are normally at zero in their following column or you’ll get a message when you go to their Twitter profile.

52. Where possible try and make up your own hashtag. This hashtag will be relevant to you and your account. It’s also a good idea to use this whenever you tweet one of your own articles.


It helps build your brand!

53. You tend to get more followers in the evening than you do in the morning. So, if you have a strategy of growing your account, following people in the afternoon and evening is probably your best bet.

54. Never use Twitter’s following suggestion. Always choose the Twitter accounts you want to follow.

I think their suggestions are a waste of time with a small probability of that person following you back.

I also believe that Twitter has their own agenda (one that doesn’t involve my business). So I politely decline their suggestions.

55. I have a bit of rest at the weekend and tend not to use Twitter so much.

I think it’s good to have a rest and take a break from it all.

It can get a bit overwhelming at times.

So that’s it, my first year on Twitter warts and all.

In no way has this been a perfect year. In fact, I’ve made more mistakes than I care to mention in this article (that’s for another day).

I hope you found this useful and would love to hear about your first years on Twitter and what mistakes, negatives and positives you picked up using this platform?

Good luck!

54 Twitter Tips I Learned In My First Year

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