The Benefits of Using a Digital Marketing Agency – Small Business Marketing Tips Friday 24

In this week’s video, we talk about “The Benefits Of Using A Digital Marketing Agency“.

No matter what size your business is. You can always use a little help from a digital marketing agency.

Whether it’s graphic design, SEO, paid media or a complete rebrand. The benefits of using a professional company who are generally experts in their field are endless.

Video Transcription

Hi, and welcome to this week’s “Small Business Marketing Tips Friday.”

In this week’s video, we’re gonna talk about “The Benefits of using a Digital Marketing Agency.”

So, the first thing that springs to mind is outsourcing your content marketing.

Whenever we take on a new client at XenMedia, this is always at the top of their shopping list.

Getting someone to research, write and publish their content for them.

A lot of small businesses think this is going to be a really expensive service. It isn’t!

Start off by getting one piece of content written each month and then gradually increase this over a period time if you’re on a budget.

Next up is outsourcing your “Social Media Marketing.”

If you’re always struggling to find the time to curate and publish your social media posts.

Why not hire a team of experts to do this for you on your behalf?

Most agencies research the content that you suggest in a brief.

They then curate it and publish them to social media platform of your choice.

Bearing in mind, the same content isn’t just copied and inserted. We generally resize it to fit the specific platforms and we’ll find out the best times to post it.

So, what happens if staff leave your company?

This really doesn’t matter because you’ve got agency doing the work for you. The content and the schedule will remain consistent.

Without fail, new content will always be published on your website and articles will always be updated and then scheduled to go out on social media. So, no need to worry.

Probably the best reason to hire a digital marketing agency is the fact that you can hire a team of experts in their field.

Because we are experts we make it our business to keep up with latest trends and don’t forget since we work with a whole range of different clients in many different fields.

We’ve got a nice databank of knowledge of previous marketing campaigns.

These campaigns will let us know what is working and also what doesn’t!

Now look, there are many different ways a digital marketing agency can help you.

From rebranding, from help with paid media campaigns, video marketing.

Building an email list and then designing sales funnels.

To be honest, the list goes on and on….

So, really hope you can see the real benefits of using an agency?

And you don’t even need to use mine.

There are several others to choose from.

I just urge you to try it out and get some real help with marketing your small business.

Thank you so much for watching this week and I’ll see ya next week!

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