The Main Reasons Why You Must Post Content Consistently – Small Business Marketing Tips Friday 23

In this week’s video, we talk about “The Main Reasons Why You Must Post Content Consistently”.

If you want to be trusted, respected and seen as the main leader in your niche, it’s vital that you post content consistently on your social media channels and your blog!

Video Transcription

Hi, and welcome to this week’s “Small Business Marketing Tips Friday”

In this week’s video we’re gonna talk about being consistent when you’re posting to either social media or your blog!

So, why is it so important that you need to post consistently to these platforms?

When I first started posting on these platforms I used to post when I wanted to.

But, then I realised you’ve got to post when your clients want you to.

It’s not about, “what’s in it for you”, it’s about “what’s in for them!”

So, here’s a breakdown of the most important reasons why you need to post consistently!

So, the first reason is, it establishes “authority” and “credibility.”

If your client is coming back to your website every month and they see exactly the same content that they saw last month.

They’re probably not gonna follow you anymore.

They’re probably not gonna consider you an authority within your niche. But, if they come back and your always posting fresh content and there’s always something new.

They’re likely to, probably purchase from you, or even, sign up for an eBook or even a whitepaper that you’ve produced.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to build your brand is to post consistently.

That’s why you see all the major brands doing it.

They don’t leave it for too long before they actually bring out another post, or another blog post that they can actually share on social media.

You need to be doing exactly same thing as the larger brand.

Believe it or not, getting traffic to your website is relatively easy.

But, keeping them engaged is really, really difficult.

So, by having lots content on your website, you’ll keep your audience engaged.

This one’s for the “geeks” out there!

Search engines absolutely love fresh content.

They absolutely love it!

So, if you’re posting consistently and there’s new and fresh content on your website, they’re likely to rank you higher!

Virtually all social media platforms will reward if you’ve got fresh content.

By having a nice steady flow of people returning back to your website.

You’re gonna generate more leads and with more leads you can push more people through your funnel.

Ultimately, that equals “more sales.”

It’s getting harder and harder now to get noticed on social media. Let alone your blog.

So, I hope this is the wake up call you needed?

Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see ya next week!

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