5 Best Testimonial Tips – Small Business Marketing Tips Friday 11

In this week’s post and video, I talk about our “5 Best Testimonial Tips For Small Businesses“.

Note: I talk a lot about feedback and testimonials in this blog post. I’ll explain why later.

We’ve found a really strange thing working with several different companies around the world. The marketing they carry out for their business can be used in exactly the same way for other businesses in a completely different niche.

We asked our clients from various backgrounds and different niches how they obtained testimonials for their businesses. What they came back with were surprising but practical ways to get more reviews and feedback.

I hope you find a few nuggets that can help you in your business. Don’t overlook this important part of business, marketing and branding.

Nothing will give your business and bigger boost than some nice feedback from a happy client.

Ask For Feedback & Not A Testimonial

It’s just one word. “Feedback” or “Testimonial”. You wouldn’t think it would make so much difference to your clients. But it does.

This works really well when you simply ask for feedback after a sale. To be honest, it’s the best time to do it.

If you’re too shy to ask then simply send an email (if you have one) or text message asking what they thought of your product or service.

I’ll hold my hands up here. I was reluctant to do this with some of my businesses fearing the backlash.

Do you know what?

In all honesty, you get very little savage reviews and people are happy to oblige.

Be Selective With The Feedback You Publish

Following on from the previous point. There are going to be times when you receive bad or negative feedback. This is OK. Listen, learn and reply to their feedback. However……

You don’t necessarily need to publish this feedback. Some might say this is a little immoral. I say, it’s your website and you publish what you like.

In my time running and helping other businesses, I found that bad feedback can be turned into a positive depending on how you deal with it.

Don’t Over Edit Testimonials

When I started my first company I thought it would be a really cool idea to edit our reviews and cherry pick the best bits.

Back then I was both young and stupid and did things I would dream of doing today.

That’s why it was no surprise that this was the main points of advice they came up with our clients.

In essence, you basically use the feedback “as is”. If it’s a nice review or a client recommendation don’t bother trying to edit it, just publish it the exact way it was written.

Not only is this good business practice, it also keeps you on the right side of what is and isn’t ethical.

Make Sure Testimonials Are Specific

Now, what do I mean by “specific” I hear you ask?

Let’s give you an example:

What sounds better?

ABC car servicing offers a really great service


ABC serviced my car in record time. They also cleaned it inside and out before I collected it.

When you ask for feedback, make sure you client is as specific as possible. What specifically did they like about your product or service?

What specifically did they like about your product or service?

Getting a shed load of testimonials is great, but when they are all generic and not specific really doesn’t motivate your potential clients to take action.

The more specific the more believable. The more believable the likely chance they will take action, give you a call or place an online order.

Include Photos & Videos

If there’s one area where we really make a difference to our clients. It’s advising them to add images and videos to their testimonials.

It’s one of the first items on the checklist of things to do to grow their business.

In this day and age of social media and more increasingly video, you need to producing content that lends itself to this media.

Filming (with their permission) a feedback video or showing images of happy clients is the way it’s done now. Simply adding a piece of throwaway text just isn’t enough now.

Clients are used to being entertained and have been trained to look for visual content by the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest etc.

Final Thoughts

Make gaining feedback a part of your marketing mix. This is the advice from a lot of our clients, some have been in business for over 30 years.

How many times do you buy something from Amazon without reading a single review? For me, NEVER! That’s being honest with you.

I even go so far as Googling a product or service too before I purchase it. Do you do this too?

In fact, it doesn’t matter if you don’t. Just understand, your potential clients do.

5 Best Testimonial Tips - Small Business Marketing Tips Friday 11
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5 Best Testimonial Tips - Small Business Marketing Tips Friday 11
This article explains why every small business should be focusing on getting feedback and testimonials and make it part of their marketing mix.
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