10 Best Ways To Promote Your Small Business Online – Small Business Marketing Tips Friday 4

Interested in the 10 Best Ways To Promote Your Small Business Online? Then you’ve come to the right place.

The tips I’m about to show you are what’s working for the small businesses we are working with at the momen

1. Social media marketing – Yep, this is a pretty broad-church, but I’m particularly talking about using behind the scenes footage of your business in social media. Your clients will love this.

2. Talking of social media – Nothing works better for branding and sharing than producing infographics. We’re finding this the most shared type of image at the moment.

3. Produce a well-researched study – This needs to be specifically related to your industry. Once done then publish on your blog and promote on ALL social media platforms.

4. Paid ads – There’s no better way to promote your small business online than paid advertising. Adwords, Facebook and Instagram are the most effective channels at the moment.

5. Guest posting – This is an oldie but a goodie. Having a blog post published on an industry related blog is great for SEO, your personal and business reputation.

6. Branding – You need to promote yourself and your business to gain any traction in the marketplace. Clients like to see the personal side of the business.

7. SEO – If you’re a small business, then local SEO is your best bet. Concentrate on 2 of your main keywords and optimise the hell out of them.

8. Inbound marketing – We could talk all day about this topic, but I need to bring your attention to exit pops that are promoting a lead magnet. The conversion rates are pretty impressive and we’re seeing this working across the board.

9. Storytelling – Your clients want to get to know your business on a personal level. There’s no better way than storytelling. Take them on your journey and document it with written content and video.

10. Ask and answer questions – on sites like Yahoo Answers and Quora. We’re seeing a decent level of traffic from these sites. Potential clients are clicking on the link in the bio section and finding our sites. They are basically looking for more information.

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