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Stuck With Your Titles?

As soon as someone lands on your page, the first line is the most important!

The better the headline, the greater the chance people will read the rest of your content.

101 Blog post headline ideas

This is how I get so much engagement on my blog posts

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Some of these titles are completely unique and have a huge potential to get your readers' attention!

These Headlines Work!

A few others didn't realise just how powerful a good headline was. Only to find that writing a great headline was the cornerstone of good writing. Here's what a few had to say.

Never get stuck for ideas for your next blog post. Here are 101 of them via @DesmondDreckett

Shruti Deshpande -


Shruti Deshpande


Phillip Twyford, The Curly Marketer - TheCurlyMarketer.com

Phillip Twyford

Just downloaded the 101 Blog Headline PDF and can't believe how many headline ideas there are on one compact sheet.

Phoebe Agosa - @AgosaPhoebe

Phoebe Agosa

As an author and blogger, it’s important to me to grab the attention of my readers from the very start. This awesome tool makes writing headlines effortless and quick. My next headline is easy to find and, practically, written for me

Christina M Johnson -


Christina M Johnson

 I have read articles on the best types of headlines many times but this is the best, most user-friendly list I have seen. The subheadings make it incredibly easy to use and the whole thing is so versatile, I'm sure I will use this as my 'go to' list for any type of headline. Many thanks to Des for yet another superb resource.

Anita Dow -


Anita Dow

These headline templates have given me so many ideas for my blog posts Des. Thanks!

Henrik Schou - @HenrikSchou_dk

Henrik Schou

Want the the best list of blog post ideas? It's here, with Des' 101 compilation of headlines. Never be stuck again. Thanks Desmond.

TranscribeRight -



I love Desmond's 101 Blog Headline Idea template. This will be really useful for my next project.

Darren Beckford - FutureTechja.com

Darren Beckford

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